Chronically (re)tarded, medically annoying, and the President of the NEA

Listen carefully, friends.  Right around 1:53.


She’s not saying “chronically tardy.”   Nor is she saying “medically annoying” as in “extremely annoying.”  Just no.  What she is doing in this planned speech is trying to be humorous, and using children with special needs as a punch line.

The reason tardiness or extreme annoyance would make no sense here is that in context, she’s talking about how teachers diversify their curriculum to meet the needs of students who fall into certain categories.  These categories qualify students for exceptional education and she begins to list them- the blind, the hearing impaired, the physically challenged, the gifted and talented.  The next two would be the intellectually disabled and the medically fragile.  Why didn’t she just use those terms?

Apparently it’s more amusing to replace “intellectually disabled” with “chronically (re)tarded” and “medically fragile” with “medically annoying.”  And, hey, when you are in a room with presumably like minded individuals, and you’re a leader among them, you get cocky and say what you think will get a big laugh.

At the expense of children.

So let her know what you think.

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Time flies when you’re surviving three kids…

Actually, I tend to think we are thriving over here.  Maybe just surviving Alexander’s first two months.  But now that he is a whopping 4 months old, we are just cruising along.

His cuteness makes him easy to raise.

His cuteness makes him easy to raise.

Ok, so I’m going to fill you in on what you’ve missed.  That’s why you are here, right?  Right.  Ok, here you go, in a somewhat chronological order.

There was a bear that got into the local high school.  Paul’s preschool is at the local high school.  His affinity for all animals led me to believe this was a plausible scenario.


Thankfully my little follower of St. Francis was not at the school while the bear roamed the halls.

We also painted a lot of pumpkins.  Well, not so much a lot of pumpkins, but a lot of paint on a few pumpkins.  Also, a fair amount of paint on one forehead.


We took a lot of photos.  Some better than others.  This was a strangely good one.


They also got ahold of my phone and took some selfies, which I was pleased to discover.


Someone discovered his thumb.


Someone else discovered a new toy and invented a clever way to get out of it.  Is clever the word?


This is a little more the idea…


We helped put on a Glow Run for Ben’s school and this was the only photo I got of the boys.


I took the TV off the wall and put it under the guest room bed.  It was an impulse move, but it’s been awesome.  The iPad has made an appearance a little more often than before, but not having the TV in the living room has been amazing.  The boys are more creative and active, they aren’t always asking me to turn it on;  I had some moments of worry, thinking my life was going to be more difficult, but it actually ended up becoming easier.  But yeah, this still happens…


They went to the best birthday party ever and had so much fun at this gym that was rented out.

IMG_1798 IMG_1805

Paul celebrated 3 years of being home!  The photo on the left was the best photo we had of him from the orphanage.  I seriously thought he looked so good in it.  Well, it’s not much compared to how he is now.


We had our first snow, which was very welcomed by the younger population.


So that’s been life in a nutshell.  I hope to write more about Paul and his 3 year anniversary, his new skills, a new diagnosis, and many other exciting things.  Be back soon!





Next Up: Packing and Shipping

I have been so busy with other things that I have just now been able to update to let you know how our baby carrier collection went!

Let’s just say, it’s going to take me a few days to sort, pack and ship these…


In case it’s hard to see, that would be 3 full bins, 2 full garbage bags, and an additional “big ole pile.”

So yeah, it went well!

Thanks to everyone who donated- I had people shipping from out of state and dropping off locally at 4 different locations.  Many were used, some people purchased brand new just for this effort.

I’ll update once more once I actually get these out the door.  I hope to do that early this week.


First Week of Preschool- 4yrs old!

A quick update…

To everyone who has contacted me about donating a baby carrier- THANK YOU!  I haven’t counted how many I have, but I think I already have collected my goal of 20, and I have had about 60 people contact me wanting to donate.  If you haven’t seen, we have four collection sites locally, and more people have signed up nationwide to collect.  I’ve updated this page to have all current information.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

We officially have completed our first week of preschool as 4 yr olds!  Aren’t they cute?


Paul is not amused.

Ben had been excited ever since his new back pack came:


All through the Summer I was sort of dreading all the driving I would have to do.  Ben is going to a different preschool in a different town and the timing was such that I would basically have to bilocate at pickup.  I had worked it out so Ben’s teacher would hang with him while I would speed to pick him up about 15 minutes late everyday.  But then the preschool times changed, and it made it so that I would have enough time to pick up Ben and then get home in time to meet Paul… if he took the bus.

The bus.  Oh it is luxurious.  I don’t even have to leave my house and he is dropped off on my doorstep. And I think he likes it too.  He generously gave me this photo on his third day of school:


This kid should be in kindergarten a year from now…can you even believe that?

And while the big boys are gone, I enjoy this guy with some peace and quiet (and errands, and chores):


This is such a great time of year.  The weather is beautiful- a little cool in the morning, but still warm during the day.  The kids have a blast at school, come home, rest, and play.  And while they’re gone I get to exhale.  We get to look forward to pumpkins, and cinnamon, and mums, and sweaters, and Fall colors.

He’s ready a little early, but hey, things fit when they fit:


I hope all of you are enjoying this season as much as I am!


An easy way to help Syrian refugees!

If you haven’t been paying attention to the refugee crisis, it’s probably time to start.

People are dying.  Babies and children are dying.

One of these children was 3 year old Aylan, who was found washed up on a Turkish beach.  He, his brother and his parents had endured an 800 mile trek across Turkey so they could pay to get on a boat headed for Kos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea.  The boat capsized, and only Aylan’s father survived.

I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of Aylan’s body on the beach.  They are gut wrenching.  Two of my sons just turned 4; just a little older than Aylan.  To imagine making that journey, realizing that none of us may make it alive but knowing that it was our best option…

What desperation.

Six hundred refugees arrive in Kos every day with more danger ahead as they hope to travel on and enter the EU, or possibly Canada or America.

Here’s where you come in.

The best chance these babies and children have for survival is to stay close to their parents.  Nonprofits who are working with these refugees have requested baby carriers to distribute to pregnant mothers and families with young children.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.05.18 AM

For local residents, I will be collecting ring slings and other soft carriers to ship to Kos Kindness, who is on the front lines, getting supplies to refugees.  My goal is to send 20 carriers.  If you have one collecting dust somewhere, or see one at a deep discount at a thrift store and want to purchase it for a refugee, you can drop it off with me and I will ship it with the others.

This is an easy way to make a real difference to Syrian refugees.  Please, Bozeman area friends, share with the locals you know so we can reach this goal.  We should be able to collect 20 carriers easily!  I’m giving it two weeks, and then I’ll ship whatever I have.

For those of you who are not local, there are many people all over the country willing to collect carriers and ship them.

Here’s the running list. If you see only a name, you may need to search on facebook so you can make contact.

Alma Ibarra– So-Cal Babywearers
Melinda Ciaccia – BWI of Chicagoland
Christmas Somers – Babywearing International NYC
Azure Klein – Denton, TX drop off
Adelia Malmuth Hunt – San Francisco Bay Area
Stacey Holbrook Olson – East Dallas, TX
Nicole Davis – Quantico Area Babywearers
Julie Gordon- Indianapolis. Please drop off at The Hope Source during business hours: 7739 E 88TH ST Indianapolis 46256
Jackie Tavera Greene- Columbia, SC Babywearers of the Midlands
Jenifer Ramirez (OFGMM) – Denver, CO
Amanda McClary – Babywearing International of Greater Burlington (VT)
Emily Wade – Babywearing in Southeast Missouri
Stephanie Kosmalski Stoll – Blue Cocoon in Cincinnati, OH.
Jessica Margrave Schirm – BWI of Central Iowa
Maggie Jennings – Temecula, CA
Capri Jazz Ryan – Minot Babywearing Group of Minot, ND
Brooke Bateman-Plumb – BWI of Madison, WI
Caroline King Bollman– The Napa Valley Babywearing Group
Julienne M-v – Ventura County California Babywearing Group
Jaime Christine – Buffalo NY- drop at Piver Center for Women’s Health and Wellness 2121 Main St. 9-4 M-F
Erikah Messamer- Onslow County Babywearers
Whimsical and Witty – Elizabethton, TN
Sarah Johnson – Lubbock TX and surrounding areas
Callie LeeOui Oui! Cloth Diapers – Tulsa, OK drop off
Grace Potts- St. Ambrose Catholic Worker, Saginaw, MI
Erin Smith, Abilene, TX (Big Country area)
Lindsay Jones – BWI of Central MD and Baltimore Babywearing – downtown Baltimore, MD
Natalia Lannawitz – Babywearers of South Central PA can drop of at Om Baby in Camp Hill

If there is no one near you, you can certainly ship to me, or to

Old Fashioned Girl Modern Mama
PO Box 271556
Littleton, CO 80127

For my address, please request it in the comments, or use the email on the sidebar, and I will send it to you privately.

Please consider helping, if not by giving a baby carrier, then by one of the many other ways.  This article has lots of practical suggestions.

Birthday Boy (belated)

Ben turned 4 on Monday!



Very excited about the cupcakes he picked out.


He proceeded to eat only the frosting.


Love his excitement.

He picked out Cars themed cupcakes and ate all the frosting.  We gave him a watch that works like the snap bracelets of my childhood, which he was enthusiastic about.  And he got a big Tonka dump truck, which we hope he’ll use to move all the displaced landscaping rock in the backyard.

Ben is such a helpful, sweet, creative, funny, generous boy.  He’s growing into a wonderful and caring big brother, too!  Love you, Benedict!