Prayer Intention!

First and foremost, we must pray for Justin and especially for his health.  That goes without saying, right?   But I’ve come up with another one…

I have learned that the two most important components in this process that effect our time frame are our homestudy and USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Happily, our homestudy is moving along nicely!  Our social worker did our home visit on Wednesday.  That is exactly 2 weeks from when we committed to Justin on Reece’s Rainbow, so it’s pretty fast.  The home visit seemed like more of a formality since we already had a recent domestic homestudy completed with this agency.  It’s helpful that they can work off of our previous information to move things along quickly.  Our social worker is planning on having a draft our our study next week, which is exciting!  Once we have that completed, we can turn in our application with immigration.

This is where the prayer intention comes in.  USCIS can take 20 days or 3 months…it all depends on what officer receives your file.  Along with our application, we will include a letter explaining that we are intending to adopt a waiting child with special needs.  I also have a letter from our pediatrician explaining Justin’s diagnoses and emphasizing, essentially, that time is of the essence.  I am hoping these two letters help, but have no idea if they really make any difference.  More than anything else, what makes the most impact is who we happen to be assigned to.  Please pray that the “right officer” will work on our case so we can get to Justin quickly.


This just in!  There is a $500 matching grant for Simeon, a little orphan in the same country as Justin who I just love.  BUT, the catch is that we only have until Sunday at midnight (EST, I’m figuring) to make it to $500.  Please share the news and give if you can-every dollar counts!



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