Give Justin a Birthday Gift!

June is Justin’s birthday month!  While we don’t know the day and we can’t say how old he is, we still want to celebrate.  Justin has probably never received a birthday present, so we’d like to give him his first gift and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Purchased from Amazon and on its way to our home is a puzzle of the Catholic Cathedral in Justin’s capital city.  The puzzle looks just like this:

Except without the watermark.  And with puzzle pieces.  Ok.

So here’s what we’re thinking: you can sponsor a puzzle piece with a prayer commitment for Justin during his birthday month (and beyond, if you want!)  It could be whatever you’d like -a spontaneous mental prayer each morning, night or before meals, an Our Father, a Hail Mary (or better yet, a Rosary!), a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, song during praise and worship, a Novena, an intention with your weekly Bible Study.  You could fast from coffee, soda or chocolate for a day or offer up your morning workout (whether that is a joy or a suffering-either way it works!)  Whatever you come up with we are sure it will be great, just be sure to let me know what you decide.  Then I will mark one of the puzzle pieces with your name and what you are doing.

This puzzle is 252 pieces.  Imagine 252 people praying for this sweet little orphan during the month of June!  We are officially excited.  Feel free to pass along the invitation or get your kids involved.  At the end of the month we’ll put the puzzle together and frame it so that both sides are visible.  It will either hang in Justin’s future bedroom or in our main living area, we haven’t quite decided yet.  Please know that you do not have to be Catholic to participate-whoever you are, we want your prayers! :)

We want Justin to be just drenched in prayer this month.  Well, we want that every month, but this month especially.  Pray for his physical health and pray for him to have courage and strength to get through these days in his orphanage.

So let’s get started!  Leave a comment on this post or e-mail me at teamstoutmt (at) gmail (dot) com  to give Justin your gift for his birthday!  


35 thoughts on “Give Justin a Birthday Gift!

  1. Allyouwhohope

    I’m in! Please put me (Karey Nobles) down for a novena to St. Anthony of Padua, the Nobles Family for prayers before meals for the month, and Clara and Luke Nobles for prayers before bedtime for the month.

    And happy feast day to Justin! I know that isn’t his real name (right?) but there might still be a reason it was chosen for him :)

  2. Grace in My Heart

    What a neat idea! I love the puzzle too. Please put my family down for one Our Father each night before bed.

  3. Nicole

    Great Idea! We will add his picture to our family prayer book! Hannah and I will begin praying it (because I just got it completed) on Monday, every day! :)

  4. crystal

    you are amazing meg, and we will be praying (as always) for Our Father each night with his future cousins Riley Grace and Olivia Megan.

  5. Karen

    We are praying every day for Justin’s speedy arrival into your home, for good health for Justin, and for your safe travels to bring Justin “home”. We love you.

  6. Kate Quinn

    Please put me (Kate) down for a morning offering and a daily Rosary decade. The kiddos would also like a piece for a Rosary decade. What an awesome idea!! Love it!!

  7. Laura Duarte

    I love the idea!! What a great way to show him where he comes from as well. Definetly put me down for a puzzle piece, be assured of my prayers for justin specifially and all his ‘friends’ as well.

  8. Leila

    I am offering up my struggles with a loving but destructive two-year-old for Justin’s safety and strength this month!

  9. Kara

    Adding him to my prayer intentions daily!

    Please put Kara, Amelia, Lily, and Tessa down as praying. We pray Our Father, Hail Mary, The Fatima Prayer, The Glory Be, and a personal prayer every night.

  10. Lauren Burke

    I will be saying a Hail Mary each morning when I wake up for Justin! What a great idea Meg! Hope everything goes smoothly and it is a fast process to get him in his new home :)

  11. Natalie Stadnick

    I will pray for Justin each day this month… I’m Greek Orthodox, so I’ll be saying the Akathist to the Mother of God — it was written in the 500s so its part of both the Catholic and Orthodox traditions. :)

  12. Meg Post author

    Thank you, everyone! We are off to a good start! Just FYI, you do not have to be Catholic or pray Catholic prayers to participate. So please pass it along to your friends, no matter what faith they belong to. Justin is going to know something is different this month! :)

  13. Michelle Horton

    Justin is precious! My children (Colby & Melissa) and I will be praying for his health and safety each night. We can’t wait to see him home with you! :)

  14. Jessie

    Please add us to the list! We’ll include Justin in our ‘night night’ prayers and I’ll pray for him at daily mass. I’m so excited for you Meg! John and I just got back from Korea with our daughter! I’m so happy to be praying for another adoptive family!

  15. Liz A

    Will offer up 3 masses and include you in our family prayers. You all are so beautiful and inspiring.

  16. Brenda Lamey

    Hey Meg! Maggie and Nelson Lamey pray (along with their parents) an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and Angel of God before bedtime. Maggie also “God blesses” everyone we can think of and we always mention the orphans:) Brenda Lamey

  17. Tami D

    Sign me up, Meg! Heaven knows we’ve covered our other babies in prayer, and would be honored to join you in praying for this sweet little one. I have been praying for him already, but havnt had the chance to officially “join” – what a brilliant idea and we’re blessed to be a part of your journey!

  18. Katie Beverley

    We will also be praying for Justin and your family during our family nightly prayers… Love the Beverleys :)

  19. Kathy Huempfner

    I will pray for Justin daily and will give up coffee one day a week. Love, Kathy H

  20. Colleen

    I keep meaning to add a comment and forget! The Harlan family is praying for your sweet family, and your new little Justin. While I understand the medical aspect of Justin’s heart, I doubt there are many on this earth with greater capacity to love than him. I’m convinced that down syndrome is a complete misnomer, as every single person I have known with it has been happy, genuine, and loving to heroic degrees. (I see our family welcoming a child like Justin into our family someday too, whether naturally or through adoption.) Justin is on our prayer list (displayed in our home for everyone to see), we are remembering him at bedtime prayers, and I am offering up pregnancy sickness and discomfort for you! Love, Jesse, Colleen, Hanna, Angèle, and Baby

  21. Theresa

    Count the Williams family in! We’ll remember him in our daily intentions and will offer him a “Glory Be” daily. God bless you three and Justin! Praise God for the four of you! With great joy, Theresa, Jess, and Baby Ruby (still in utero :) )

  22. Mrs. Mike

    I’m only sorry that I’m just seeing this now! Please count us in–we’ll gladly add him to our current 54-day Rosary Novena.

  23. Katie H

    Meg! Sorry I meant to send this a while ago. I will pray a Rosary, a Chaplet, and fast from chocolate one day. And coffee one day. I wish I could do something each day, but the month is already half over. And, let’s face it, with my brain lately I hardly remember to put pants on before leaving the house each day. But I will do more if I can!!

  24. Laura McCain

    I didn’t know about this till you sent the Facebook message the other day. So amazing and thanks for sharing with us and including us. Justin will be in my daily prayers and along with all the Stout’s. God Bless!

  25. Tara G.

    I found this blog via Leila Miller’s Orphan Report. For the rest of the month, I will include Justin (and all the Stouts) in my daily prayers and in my prayers at Mass. God bless!

  26. Ashley

    Heard about this through a mutual friend and the Walker family will be praying for Justin! Love the idea and I hope he will really enjoy hearing the story of his puzzle one day :)

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