Halfway through our prayer campaign

I wanted to put out a quick update on our prayer-raiser (sort of like fundraiser, but without the funds… and with prayer…you get it).

We are halfway through the month of June and we have about half of our puzzle pieces filled!  I am so so grateful to all of you who have participated thus far!  I am sure “Justin” can tell that something is different this month, which is one of his last being without a family.

We do need more people praying for our little guy, so if you haven’t “signed up” already, please do-comment on this post, the original birthday gift post, message me on Facebook, e-mail us using the e-mail at the bottom right hand side of the blog or my personal e-mail if you have it, and tell us who you are and how you’ll pray.  And if you have done that, please rally anyone you think would be interested in joining us!

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, please visit here.  :)  And just to clarify, we are doing one puzzle piece per person (not per family or per prayer/day of prayer) and it includes children, so get the kids involved!

Thanks so much!  We are so very grateful for all of you!


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