From “New Commitment” to “Almost There”

God has paved the way and by His grace we have moved quickly through our adoption process.

It is unbelievable to me to think that tomorrow, we get to mail our dossier to Justin’s country.

Yes, you read that right!  Our immigration approval came about 4 weeks faster than we expected.  And the woman at our Secretary of State’s office who authenticates all of our notary sheets has moved so so quickly.  I am going to mail her a thank you card!  We got our last form back from her today.  Tonight I will put all the documents in order, give everything one last look to be sure we are all ok, and then make a plan to head over to UPS tomorrow!

As for when we will be submitted, I am unsure, but probably late next week.  Everything has to be translated, but I think they are already working on that for us since they already have a copy of our homestudy.

It hasn’t quite hit us yet.  Soon, we will be waiting to hear from Justin’s country on whether or not we can come over, meet him, and (please God) adopt him.

All of your prayers are to thank for such a smooth and expeditious process–Thank you! Thank you!

And especially to all of you participating in our special “prayer-raiser” for Justin during his birthday month, thank you!  This will hopefully be his only birthday as an orphan, and your prayers have lifted him up.  I am sure he senses something different-the grace from God and love of so many strangers (but who will hopefully become his extended family).

If you haven’t gotten to sign up yet, there is still time!  Please visit this post and let me know how you’ll pray for our little guy!

Thank you all, and thank you God!


3 thoughts on “From “New Commitment” to “Almost There”

  1. Sew

    Goose bumps…So tell me from the time the dossier is sent how long do you have to wait to hear? You go to meet him and then come home or you go to meet him and bring him home?

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