An Amazing Day!

I normally don’t post two days in a row, so forgive me, but I just can’t help it.  It’s partly because of this Lady:



Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  She has been the Stout Family patroness since…well, before we were the Stout family.  She has been with Ryan and I since very early on while we were dating.  And I really do mean she’s been with us.  She shows up wherever we are.  It started when we stumbled upon the Church dedicated to her in Rome.  There are over 400 Churches in Rome, so you walk into quite a few, but we happened to walk into hers.  Out of 400.  And from then on, she’s always been around, often coincidentally (or perhaps, Providentially).

We love Mary, the mother of Jesus.  How could we not?  We seek to imitate Christ, and He loves her.  In fact, we could never love her enough, because we could never love her as much as Jesus does.

And today is her feast day, where we celebrate her and thank God for her.

And today is the day that we mailed our dossier off to Justin’s country.  I was nervous about that, but now I feel peaceful.

And today is the day that Simeon’s family found him.  Yes, Simeon, the little dear in the top right of our blog.  The one who “still waits.”  We weren’t sure if his family would ever come for him; we weren’t sure if they’d make it in time to stop him from being transferred to an adult mental institution.  But they will.  Thank God!

I will update the blog soon, once everything with Simeon’s family is public and they start sharing their happy news.  I want to be able to send everyone over to support his hopefully-soon-to-be family.


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