Justin’s paperwork

We have been in Connecticut visiting my side of the family, but I wanted to give a quick update:

We are happy to report that the problem with Justin’s paperwork is not TPR related.  By “TPR”, I mean termination of parental rights.  Justin’s birthparents already went to court and terminated their rights willingly and entirely.  This is a relief for two reasons.  The first is more logistics.  TPR stuff tends to be more complicated if it hasn’t been done correctly or at all, so it could have potentially caused more of a delay.  But more importantly, this is a relief because we know that it is absolutely the will of Justin’s birthparents that he be available for adoption.  We will most likely never get to meet his birthparents.  It is important to us that we know this is what they want and we can assume it is since they have taken the necessary steps for his adoption.  Making a plan for Justin’s adoption is a parenting decision they are making.  They are doing what they believe is best for him and we are so grateful for the love that they have for him.  We don’t know what Justin’s cognitive level will be as he matures, so we are not sure if he will ever understand that he has two sets of parents-his birthparents and (eventually) us.  But we do know that he will be able to pray, so together we will pray for them.  If somehow we get to meet them while in Eastern Europe (again, unlikely, but possible), we will be sure to let them know how much we will think and pray for them and how grateful we are for the selfless love they have for him.

So, that is the only update.  We still anticipate being submitted in another week or maybe two.  We’ll see.  Justin is worth the wait if it ends up being longer, but for his sake, I hope it isn’t.


3 thoughts on “Justin’s paperwork

  1. Sarah-Melissa Asbrey

    As an adopted child, I thank you for opening your hearts to Justin. I know my birthparents and have a wonderful relationship. A decisive parenting decision, as you said, was made for my well-being. God Bless and know that I am praying for you all.

    I’m a friend of Alison Griz

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