Prayer Campaign Results!

I know, I was supposed to do this post on July 1 and it is nearly August 1-I am sorry!

I am happy to report the positive results of our prayer campaign for “Justin” during June, his birthday month.

We had over 150 people praying!  Many people committed to praying every single day for the month.  We had several daily and weekly rosaries and days of fasting.  There were even a few Novena’s thrown in there!  People offered up the pain of their surgeries and the struggles with their children.  It was such a beautiful testament to the love and solidarity of the Body of Christ.  Thank you all so very much!

And as a short aside, I’d like to thank anyone who has made a donation to our Family Sponsorship Page.  We have not fundraised, and yet somehow, through the generosity of those unknown to us, we have received $1,000 to help with our adoption!  So whoever you are-thank you!  The cost of adoption and Justin’s future medical needs is daunting, but like we heard in the Gospel today about Jesus multiplying a few barley loaves to feed 5000 men, we are trusting that God will provide.

All of this support emboldens us for the coming months, during which we will be submitted to Justin’s country, receive an invitation to travel, and embark on a long and, most likely, strenuous trip during which we will get to meet Justin in his orphanage and plead our case before a foreign court as to why he should be a part of our family.  Thank you for helping us feel like we can actually do this!

Below you’ll see the assembled puzzle, marked with the names and prayers of so many people and framed, ready to find it’s place in our home (a place I haven’t yet decided on!)

PS- I am hosting an auction to benefit friends of mine who are adopting two little ones (both orphans with disabilities) from Justin’s country.  If you have anything you’d like to donate to the auction (along with the shipping cost to the winner), please let me know!  If you have Facebook, please go and “like” our page, share it, and maybe place a bid or two once it’s open!


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