What Will the Body of Christ Do?

I’m sitting down to write this and I am not yet sure what I want it to be.  All I know is that I want to get some of these sweet children “out there.”  I want the world to see them, but I especially want the Body of Christ to see them.

I guess my hope is that more people will advocate for these little ones.  I honestly don’t understand how we can see them and know their future and not do something.  May our hearts be moved with compassion and our eyes opened to see Christ in every person, especially in the least among us.

I know some of these children will be hard to look at, but they are Jesus, nonetheless, and we are called to love.  How will we love them?  Can we pray for them?  Can we advocate for them?  Can we donate to their grant funds to help families can bring them home?  Perhaps you are called to adopt one of them?

You can click on any of the pictures and be taken to a page that has more information on that child.








And I’d like to introduce you to Oliver.  He is in the same country as our Justin.  He has a number of ailments.  We have been told by families visiting his orphanage that he lays in his crib all day long and is never taken out of it.  In fact, they cover him up so that no one has to see his disfigured body.  He is fed a bottle a couple of times a day and his diaper is changed only a couple of times a day.  He is nearing 5 years old, which in his country, means he will be transferred to an adult mental institution where he surely will not ever leave a crib.

And just so you know, there is a $2000 matching grant for Oliver!  That means that a generous donor is matching, dollar for dollar, all donations to Oliver’s grant fund up to $2000.  So if you give $20, Oliver will receive $40!  All donations are tax deductible.

*Update!* I just found out that Ralph also has a matching grant going on!  Up to $1000!  Here is Ralph:


The suffering these little ones endure makes wide their path to Heaven, and that is a great gift.  But their neglect and mistreatment will make our path all the more narrow.  We are called to do something.  What will you do?


3 thoughts on “What Will the Body of Christ Do?

  1. brenda

    There are so many. It seems like it could just swallow me up sometimes, don’t you agree? They all need help and right now! I’m going to have to start standing on the corner with a sign screaming I guess:)

  2. Meg Post author

    Brenda, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all. Thankfully God only asks us to be faithful, not successful. And even the little things we do can have a big impact.

  3. Anne

    I saw baby Beatrice on the RR website and am praying fervently for her! Why God has placed her on my heart, I don’t know. But I pray she gets a forever family, soon. Hopefully, it will be us!

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