We Met Him!

We got to meet “Peyton” on Thursday!  The orphanage director was on her way out for a vacation, so we sat down with the doctor and went over his medical and social history.  There wasn’t a ton of information, which was to bad, but ultimately it didn’t matter.  We were all in and weren’t concerned about his information or diagnoses (which often can be inaccurate anyways).

Poor boy has bronchitis right now and you can hear it in his breathing and when he coughs.  I made a comment that he sounded congested and she said he sounds like that a lot.  It could just be a phase, or maybe his adenoids are infected.

They asked us to buy his medicines and gave us a paper with 4 listed:Image

Poor boy is on a lot.  I can’t wait to figure out what they are (not only is that written in russian, the doctor also has the typical doctor handwriting, so I’m really at a loss).  I’m guessing one is a sedative judging by how Peyton was acting, but I can’t say for sure.

After we accepted his referral, the doctor left and our facilitator ran off to do paperwork.  A translator stayed with us and we spent about 1.5 hours with Peyton, but he started getting a little grumpy, so we figured he was getting tired and wanted to sleep.

I brought him down to the infirmary (where he is staying temporarily because he is sick) and was chatting with the caretaker who took him.  She asked me about a little girl who was adopted from this orphanage a couple weeks ago and I had pictures of this girl with her new family, so I gave them to her to share with the other caregivers.  She loved that!  Then she said there is another little girl with Down Syndrome in Peyton’s  group upstairs and asked me to help her find a family and wondered if I had any friends who might want to adopt her.  I can’t really ask if she is available to be adopted, but I said I’d love to meet her, so she laid Peyton down for a nap and then took us upstairs.

They said the little girl was 1.5 years old.  She was very petite, but very cute.  I could tell she was a favorite among the caregivers.  I have to be careful what I ask them and I can’t ask them whether the girl is available for international adoption (not sure they would know anyways), but I will mention it to our facilitator and hopefully he will be able to look into it.

I asked if they needed anything and they asked for diapers and diaper rash cream.  They also said they could use more of these blankets that they lay under the children in the cribs since they get used and washed so much, they wear out quickly.  When we return to the area on Monday, I will ask our translator (a sweet young woman who does a lot of mission work in the area) to help me find and buy the blankets.

I got to take a picture of Peyton’s crib and name on a chart that they have.  When I was leaving the room where they sleep, I saw a boy that is listed on Reece’s Rainbow who was laying right by the door.  I went over to him and stroked his cheek for a couple of minutes.  I was glad the caregivers didn’t seem to mind.  One even came over and wanted to show me his feet, though they have the kids in so many layers of clothes, I couldn’t really see what she was showing me.

I think I will at least get to visit that group when I go to see Peyton.  I may also get to see the other children…if I bring diapers, which I am happy to do.

Here’s our first family photo!



14 thoughts on “We Met Him!

  1. Evhenia Novikova

    Hi I’m actually from ***** following amazing families through Reece’s rainbow. The medicines on the slip of paper are 1) Proteflazidum herbal antivirus medicine 2) Instaryl Expectorant anti cough medicine 3) Claritine anti allergic typicly prescribed here to ease congestion and coughing(it does have a sedative side effect) 4)Linex-probiotic and antidiarreah. Take care and have fun with your new amazing baby

  2. Evhenia Novikova

    Yes, but usually they also prescribe antibiotics. It depends on the doctor though, maybe Payton is to small,or maybe they have in the facility,so it wasn’t on “to buy” list.

  3. Becky

    Been following your story, but rarely comment–I’m so excited that you met Peyton! My brother and SIL just adopted a sweet little boy from Russia off of RR!

  4. Leila

    One of the best pictures I’ve seen in my life. Boy, that little sweetie’s life is about to change. He just won the family lottery.

  5. Chelle

    You make my heart smile… and Peyton’s too! Enjoy your time there – when do you get to bring him home??

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