Picture Post!

Some favorites from this week…


8 thoughts on “Picture Post!

  1. ChasingJoy

    I’ve been wondering how things have been going! Can’t wait to see him change as he realizes he’s yours permanently! Does he go home with you at the end of this trip, or do you have to go back again?

  2. Meg Post author

    We will be going home early Tuesday morning and then there is a second trip that lasts about 2 weeks and he will come home to us then.

  3. Leah

    Oh. Oh my goodness. He is just the most stunningly adorable baby I have ever seen. His ears! His cheeks! Guh. So cute. What a lucky family! :)

  4. tara

    What a beautiful boy. I bet he is loving all the attention. I can’t wait to see him get healthy and HOME!

  5. DD

    When is your second trip? It’s going to be hard to leave him!! But what a joy to return! Is he recognizing you?

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