One more Stout!

After a 2 day delay, we had court on Wednesday and a cute little orphan became a cute little member of our family!  Meet Paul Sergiy Stout:

He also chose that day to start smiling. It could be that somehow he just knew he had a family or it could be the bananas I snuck him during our visit.  But he was a different boy-he had more energy, was smiling, and playing in his own little way.  He really will thrive once he is home for good.

And after such a great visit, we then had to leave.  We will be stateside for about 10 days and then I will go back to take care of some final paperwork and get Paul out of his orphanage.  With any luck, we’ll all be back home by mid-November.


Thank you all for following along and for the prayers!


8 thoughts on “One more Stout!

  1. Brandy Calvert

    Hurray for Paul! He has such a gorgeous smile, and I know you two are the best parents ever for him!

  2. Lianna

    Praise Jesus! I am sure he was smiling because he knows he has a family now. Can’t wait for him to come home with you all…

  3. Mrs. Mike

    Oh my goodness! What a sweetheart! Congratulations!!! Love the name–so strong! Prayers for the last steps to go smoothly until he’s home with you in Montana for good!

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