Our First Few Days…in pics!

I should probably wait a little longer to comment on our first few days, since we’ve really only been home for one full day (Sunday), but I do want to share some pictures!


Sleeping at the hospital, enjoying less layers than in Ukraine!


Putting football on the tv worked to distract him for a while during his echocardiogram.


Action shot! This is when Ben was pulling his brother off the couch..


So much playing to make up for, he needs to use his hands AND his feet.


They like to hang out together.


9 thoughts on “Our First Few Days…in pics!

  1. Julie

    I do have to say that Ben is going to be amazing medicine for Paul!!! What a blessing your sons are!!! There is something about sibling bonds that bring so much joy to all involved.

    I look forward to seeing your boys grow up together!!

  2. brenda

    More pictures. You don’t have to comment. Just put more pics of the boys. They look made for eatch other. Paul will be sitting up and crawlign around in NO time!

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