Two Boys, and Two More

Between this week and last, God has called home two children that I’d like to tell you about.  The first is my friend, Carla’s son, Henry.




There was something about Henry.  I followed Carla’s adoption story late in the game.  They had already come home and were more or less adjusted.  Having the Catholic faith in common, I got to know Carla on Facebook and followed along through Henry’s many surgeries and hospital stays.  Before I even realized it, the boy had nestled his way into my heart.  He knew just what he was doing-being so sweet and innocent, but brave at the same time.  He was just so special.  You couldn’t help but love him.  As such, he fit right in with Carla and the rest of her family.  Henry died last week due to complications following a major surgery.  He was only 2 years old, having had 14 months in a beautiful family with love enough for a lifetime.

I don’t know the name of the second child who I’d like to share with you.  I know that on Reece’s Rainbow, he is named “Declan.”  Take a look at this sweet boy:



While we don’t know the exact circumstances of his passing, we can assume that Declan was overcome by his medical complications.  I don’t recall exactly what his diagnoses were, but I know that along with Down Syndrome, Declan had Hirschprung Disease.   But we know that he died alone, just a baby, in an orphanage.  He had a family that was planning on adopting him.  They loved him so much, but he never got to experience it.

Tonight, I’m feeling sad at the loss of these two lives.  I’m sad that Carla and her family have to somehow find a way to live their lives without Henry.  I’m sad that Declan went through his suffering and death with no family to comfort and love him.  It spurs me on to pray for these children who are abandoned.  Who are only cared for because someone is paid to do it, not because someone loves them tenderly and selflessly.  I know I need to do everything I can to help.

Please pray with me for all of these orphaned children.  In particular, please remember Justin, who I fear could share Declan’s fate on account of his heart condition.  And please pray for a little boy named Dominic, who is struggling for his life tonight.  You can read more about his story here.


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