New Year Update

Happy New Year!

If you told me a year ago that I would have an adopted son with Down Syndrome from Ukraine I don’t think I would have believed you.  A lot happens in a year.

When I look out at my living room and see these two precious boys getting into trouble playing, I realize just how blessed we are.

After not feeling well for a few days, Paul seems to have recovered very well.  In fact, to use the term of another adoptive mother, I would say that “the lights came on” about three days ago.  All of a sudden, Paul is smiling more often and in response to us, exploring the house and taking interest in each toy he finds along the way, not screaming once his bottle is finished, and wanting to put weight on his legs and stand.  He’s talking quite a bit more too.

Ok, really only the first 10 seconds of that were impressive.  Still.

In the 7 weeks he’s been home, Paul has gained almost 3 pounds!  That’s a significant increase when you only started at about 15 pounds.  Not only are there obvious health benefits to this, I am also excited that more clothes may begin to fit him as he becomes more proportionate to his length.

His doctor used the word “thriving” and I would have to agree.  I consider his hair proof positive that he’s doing well here.

Back in the orphanage

Back in the orphanage



Pictures just don’t do it justice.  People ask me where he got his haircut.  I guess I should answer, “At the orphanage”?

Christmas was lovely and more or less quiet.  I think that was best for our little Amerikrainian.  He does very well in public, but I think having lots of visitors at home would be overwhelming to him.

I meant for this post to be longer and to give you a full update of life here, however I’m already a couple days late on this post and Ben keeps alternating between trying to feed Paul some of his milk and sitting on his face.  He won’t relent, so I have to cut this short.  I will close with some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

IMG_2962 IMG_2956 IMG_3124 IMG_3119 IMG_3104 IMG_3085 IMG_3061 IMG_3046 IMG_3044 IMG_3009


5 thoughts on “New Year Update

  1. brenda

    Oh great pics! I love the one of them in the crib together. Paul looks fantastic and Ben looks so happy to have a buddy!

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