Salt Lake City *Updated


Paul will not be having surgery tomorrow, Thursday.  We have determined that he most definitely will need open heart surgery, however we need more information and better images of his heart so that the surgeons can properly plan the procedure.  Paul has been admitted to the hospital and will undergo more testing tomorrow.  We do not know if he will have surgery during this visit, but we plan to at least get answers while we are here.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!  Paul is handling everything very well.


I am lying here in a hotel bed as I type.  To my right, there is a pack n’ play where Paul is sleeping banging his feet against my bed, having the time of his life.  Meanwhile, Ben fell asleep pretty easily in the other pack n’ play that we put right at the door by the bathroom, as far away from us as possible. This way he also acts as a security measure, keeping the rest of us safe.  It also means we can’t go to the bathroom without fear of waking a sleeping child.  Such is life living out of a hotel room.

The drive down here went surprisingly well.  It’s about 6.5 hours.  We left at 9:30am and the boys slept until about 11 (pretty good considering they really don’t sleep much in the morning anymore).  I fed them in the car and started a movie on the ipad for them.  We stopped at a rest area around 12:30 and let Ben run around and let Paul stretch out.  Then we were on our way again around 1 and they napped for almost 3 solid hours.  It was sort of like this:


Such brothers.

It was awesome.  The last leg was the hardest, but overall, they were great.  Though the trip may have ruined Paul with the car.  He used to always smile and enjoy the carseat and rides.  Now he’s screams in fear that he’ll be stuck in there for hours on end.  I think eventually he’ll get over it.

Today they’ve both been pretty happy.  We had a brief appointment this morning with medical imaging.  Paul got an esophogram done and a chest x-ray.  He’s an old pro at drinking barium and holding his arms up to get a good image.  We were done with everything by 9:45 and just hung out at the hotel for most of the day.  Tomorrow Paul will see the pediatric cardiologist and have a sedated echocardiogram.  I look forward to those appointments to get some definitive answers as to what is going on.  Surgery is scheduled for Thursday.  There is a chance they will determine he won’t need surgery, but I find that unlikely.  One can hope though, that there won’t be any need.

So that’s the update.  Not much quite yet.  I hope to pop back in as I learn more, but forgive the absence if I don’t.

I’ll close in my usual fashion.  With gratuitous pictures.




Sleeping in the hotel. His typical pose.


Ben loves to hold Paul. Usually Paul likes it. Maybe not so much in this moment.


Life is better in just a diaper.


Paul sleeps like this a lot. Feet dangling.


Relaxing when he’s tired.


Not the best picture, but this is when I made him stand.


First time in the snow!


First time in the snow! Right before he fell into it and started crying.


He likes to sleep with a stuffed monkey these days.


Loving his truck!

Ryan driving recklessly to SLC.
Ryan driving recklessly to SLC.


5 thoughts on “Salt Lake City *Updated

  1. Leila

    I am so happy to get these updates! Keep ’em coming! And the gratuitous photos as well!

    First time in the snow for Montana boys??? What gives?

    Oh, loving that picture of the reckless driver. I’m telling!!

  2. Mary Ellen

    Meg, thank you for the updates. I’m praying for good outcomes for Paul this week!

    The car seat picture is great, an instant classic, hold on to that one.

    The only thing cuter than Paul’s orphanage hair cut is the “growing in” that looks like he has now.

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