Restful Saturday

Not much of an update to give other than that it looks like Paul will have a procedure in the cardiac catheter lab to correct his heart defects.  This is great news, as it will be much less invasive than open heart surgery!  We are scheduled to go to Salt Lake City in mid-March and hope to have a short stay there.  Thank you all for the prayers!


Looking past me at something interesting…


What is he watching, you ask?


This! Dad pushing Ben around in the truck is always of great amusement to Paul.


So Paul had to get in on the action.


Figuring out how to work a spoon.


Superman pose.


We help each other out around here.



A favorite place to look out.




5 thoughts on “Restful Saturday

  1. lifehopes

    They are both so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Such great news about the cardiac catheterization!
    You guys are in our prayers.

  2. Aimee

    Hi – my friend sent me the link to your blog. You guys are seriously awesome! One of my 3 sons has Down syndrome and he used to do that Superman pose also – we called him Flying V.

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