Open Heart Surgery

A lot has happened since our last post.

Paul was scheduled for clinical appointments at Primary Children’s on March 13 and a heart catheterization on the 14th.  When they did the heart cath, they discovered they could not correct Paul’s heart defect in the cath lab.  As a result, Paul had open heart surgery on Friday.  The surgery was a success! Paul looked much better than I expected when I saw him in the cardiac ICU.


By the next morning he’d been extubated and he found a comfy way to sleep!


And one more cute one for good measure:


By Sunday morning he was in a med/surg unit (out of the ICU).  And on Tuesday he was discharged!  Now he is home on 24/7 oxygen to help his lungs heal.  He should have had this surgery a long time ago, when he was just a little baby, but he didn’t receive the care he needed in his country.  As a result of the heart defects, his lungs were a bit damaged, so the oxygen should help them heal a bit.

As you can imagine, keeping a nasal cannula on a 20 month old is…fun.  He prefers it this way:


He’s largely back to his old self.  He doesn’t want to be on his tummy quite yet, and he isn’t army crawling, but he plays on the floor and is eating well.  Soon enough, he’ll be moving like he was and he’ll have even more energy since his heart doesn’t have to work so hard anymore.

So despite a wild week, we are now home and resting.  Thank you so much for the prayers.


9 thoughts on “Open Heart Surgery

  1. Kara

    Wow, I don’t think he could be any cuter. But it seems he gets cuter and cuter as he heals and grows. <3 so glad he's doing well.

  2. Brandy Calvert

    Wow-that must have been rough, on you as well as Paul. I’m sure you’re immensely relieved to be home–and I’m so glad you can be by Paul’s side through all of this. Praise God for bringing Paul through his surgery and his soon-to-be complete healing!

  3. Julie

    WOW. Open heart surgery. He looks amazing for enduing such a hard thing!

    Praying he heals completely!

  4. Lifehopes

    Wow wow wow!! Praise God it all went well. He looks great! What a champ. I came over here and did NOT expect to read this!!

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