Operation 5000

11003052454 Justin (2)Our favorite little orphan, Justin, has a fairly sizable grant.  As of today, he has $4,510.10 that will go towards his eventual adoption.  Naturally, that number is bugging me…because I want it to read $5,000!  When he hits $5,000, he will be moved to the next level on the “Moving Mountains” page of Reece’s Rainbow.  We are only $490 away from that goal.

So, besides the usual ways I raise money for this kiddo, I’ll be doing a series of mini-giveaways. These are great because the number of entries is limited, giving the donors a higher chance to win!  I will update this page as I add a new giveaway.  Here we go!

Win $60 in store credit to Kohl’s AND a $10 gift card to Starbucks!


Donate $10 to Justin’s adoption grant and you will get one entry to win this $60 to Kohl’s and $10 to Starbucks.  Limited to 10 entries.  Make the donation here and forward your receipt to teamstoutmt@gmail.com to enter!  Remember, your donation to Justin is tax deductible.

And we have a winner!  Leila Miller (aka #6) takes the prize!

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 3.57.04 PM


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