6 Months in a Family

Paul entered the United States on November 8–6 months ago!  I couldn’t have expected the transition from one child to two to have gone any better, regardless of Paul’s Down syndrome, heart condition and other medical issues.  One day, Paul just showed up.  To Ben, a buddy came over to play and just never left.  Brothers were born.


November 2012


April 2013

People comment on how much Paul has changed.  Day to day, I don’t really notice, but when I look at photos, I see the difference that a caring family makes in the life of a child…

These photos were from a family that met him a month before we did.  The photos that showed a boy who had mostly just given up; that, to be honest, evoked pity.  These were the photos that told us he should be our son.

Peyton Peyton2 peytonsummer

And then we met him.  He looked so much like a baby…

before before2 before3 before4

He came home and began to come to life.  Smiles were still sparing, but were slowly becoming more frequent.  His body grew and so did his personality. His heart was healing, in more than one way.  And sometime between then and now, he grew up.

IMG_3479 IMG_3433 IMG_3372

It's touch to capture his cheeky smile, but this gives you an idea.

It’s touch to capture his cheeky smile, but this gives you an idea.

Brothers.  Definitely brothers.

Brothers. Definitely brothers.

Outside and sitting up like a champ.

Outside and sitting up like a champ.

Loving the toys.

Loving the toys.


Smile with dad.

Smile with dad.

What can I say.  It's a great angle to see his hair at it's finest.

What can I say. It’s a great angle to see his hair at its finest.

And now the changes are obvious.  He thrives now.  He shows us that he’s ready to sit up, to get toys, to army crawl in exploration.  He’s waited long enough.  It’s time to live.  And we’re the privileged few that saw with our own eyes the “before,” and are now living the “after.”

Thank you, God.


5 thoughts on “6 Months in a Family

  1. Brenda

    /Wow! 6 months already?

    I had forgotten how much I do not love that photo of him sitting in the bumbo. He looks so sad, so weak. I wonder how much longer he would have lasted. Really. Thank God for His timing and your open hearts.

    I hope I can meet Paul (and Ben) one day! He has flourished!

  2. leilaatlittlecatholicbubble

    JOY!!! Thank you for this post, which is so redemptive in nature! Whoooot!

  3. Julie

    So amazing! God is good!!
    I love your family…every last one of you! Ben and Paul were created to be brothers! I love the pics of them together!
    Paul has grown so much. What a blessing that he is thriving so much!!!

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