Update on Justin

Recently, due to the closure of Americans adopting Russian orphans, Reece’s Rainbow has re-allocated funds for waiting children who are no longer available for adoption.  This was a difficult and saddening process for many families who advocated for Russian children.  We still hold all of those children in our prayers.

As a sort of “blessing in disguise”, this reallocation of funds resulted in a flurry of new hope for children in other countries who received some of the grant money.  Justin, for whom we still pray and fundraise, received a significant jump in his grant!  Justin had about $4,600 and now has $8,641 towards his adoption!

Guess that makes my “Operation 5000” project moot.  Perhaps we’ll make it “Operation 9000”? More on that to come.

But let me share with you another update on this sweet boy.

Just days after his grant fund increased so dramatically, he appeared on his country’s database of adoptable children!  I have waited for this day!  Here are a couple of new photos!


Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3.49.49 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3.49.59 PM

Truth be told, these were lifted (not by me) from a VIDEO!  Oh, how wonderful it was to see him   there, moving, rolling, playing.  A friend of mine translated the video for me.  It described how much Justin has changed over the past 6 months-learning how to eat from a spoon, play, roll over.  He is in a new orphanage and his is receiving better care now, thanks be to God!  He sounds just like Paul, learning all these new things.  The woman in the video, one of the nannies, said that, “Nothing but warmth comes from this child.”  He must be such a loving, sweet little guy.

Please continue to pray for him and for the family God has in mind for him.

PS  A friend of mine who is a Thirty-One consultant and is doing a fundraiser for Justin.  Please visit here for more information!


One thought on “Update on Justin

  1. Julie

    I pray for Justin daily! I really hope that his family comes for him soon! These pictures make my heart melt!
    Today my heart was sad for Justin because he is not with his Mama!
    You have opened my heart to love more and pray more for these orphans!

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