The Orphanages in China

Let me introduce you to some children.


These are some of the residents of a privately run orphanage in China (unfortunately, I can’t publicly share the names of any of the homes referenced in this post; I hope you can understand).  This orphanage, along with two others, takes in the children that need the most care, such as preemies or children with special needs like cleft lip and palette, missing limbs and hydrocephalus.

Want to meet someone else?  This is Shannon…


Shannon worked in one of these orphanages for 7 years.

This summer, Shannon is going back to China.  She and two college students will be working with an orphanage run by a Catholic family, another orphanage that is run by Catholic religious sisters, and a third that is run by a Protestant group.  Together, these homes care for over 200 children.

Friends, these homes are HOPE for abandoned children in China.


The do life saving work.  And when we support them, we are a part of that work!

It is complicated and expensive to ship supplies to China.  But when you have someone in country who can buy what the orphanages need, if only she had funds available?  Well, that is an opportunity!

I want to raise money to send with Shannon so she can assist the orphanages by buying items such as food and medicine.  Thing is, she is leaving in early June, so we really only have until Friday, May 31 to raise as much as we can.

Stay tuned, because in the coming days, we’ll announce a fun way to support these children and uphold the wonderful work of these organizations.  In the meantime, please go “like” our facebook page, Support 3 Private Orphanages in China.  :)

UPDATE!  We have begun!  Please check out our first t-shirt design, offered for the benefit of these children!


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