Thank you!

Two weeks and one day ago, I wrote a blog post about a friend going to China and before publishing I thought, “I wonder if we can do something?  How can we help those orphaned children?  How can we support those that care for them?”  So I quickly came up with a fundraising idea that would work for this unique situation.  I had no idea if it would work, if people would be interested, if we’d get to send any money over to China.  But I figured, I could at least try and give people the opportunity.

Well, it did work!  Lots of people shared our cause, bought our shirts and even just gave me money to pass along.  So today, I was able to get a money order for $500 and I overnighted it to Shannon.  It will arrive at her house on Monday, just in time for her to cash it before she flies out early Tuesday morning.

For those of you that did order–I have ordered all the shirts we need and I decided to have them shipped to me, then I’ll turn around and send them to each of you.  This was the more cost effective option and allowed us to give a little more for the children, so despite the slight delay in delivery it will cause, I figured you all wouldn’t mind.

I’ve asked Shannon to get back to me either while she is there or when she gets home so we can know how the funds were spent for these homes and children.  Maybe we’ll even get a few photos!

But I want to share my sincerest thanks to all of you for helping this come together.  May our efforts bring Glory to God and reveal His Love to these children!


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