Updates on Justin and T-Shirts

First, a wonderful update.  Dear little Justin has a family committed to him!


Of course, as someone who has loved this child very much and who had planned on him being a part of my own family, I have mixed emotions.  But it would be selfish of me not to express my happiness that this child will have a family, and a wonderful one!  In fact, he will even have a sibling who also has Down Syndrome and is from his country.  His family should be traveling later this summer.  I cannot wait to follow their journey.  If you feel like supporting them, head over here: http://reecesrainbow.org/51441/sponsorbraithwaite

Second, I am pleased to report that the t-shirts we designed for the Chinese Orphanages have arrived!  And they look great!

There’s these…



And these!



And then there was these….


And they look GREAT!  Except that they’re blank.

Yes.  15 out of the 25 women’s shirts I ordered arrived with nothing printed on them.  This is on top of all the shirts arriving at my house four days later than they should have in the first place.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

So yeah, now I have to work out that mess.  I have already called and then went online and submitted a claim, and I said that I had to have the rest of the shirts by Tuesday, June 18.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I will ship out what I can to all of you lovely, patient, generous folks.

Thank you all so much for understanding.  Be blessed this weekend!


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