Sending Photos Back

While traveling to adopt Paul, I was able to have visits with him almost every day.  I would go to the orphanage and walk the dark hallways to his room, the laying room.  Inside that room was Paul’s “groupa”-the children he spent each day with.  When I would come to the room to pick Paul up or drop him back off, I would try to visit with some of the other children who were often laying in cribs all alone.

I got to meet these two boys:



I am excited to say that the family hoping to adopt both boys is traveling to do so in the coming weeks.

In light of this news, I decided that I would try to send some photos of Paul along with the family, so the orphanage director and nannies can see how much he has changed.


And it got me thinking.

I wonder if they care.


I wonder because Paul lived at that orphanage for over a year, and yet, on the day I dressed him in clothes I brought for him and carried him out of there forever, no one really paid any attention.

He didn’t get a hug, a kiss, any special attention.  He barely got a “paka paka” (“bye bye”).

Directors and nannies have their favorites, and Paul wasn’t one of them.  Boys usually aren’t.


It’s sad to think of our sweet boy, who has such a calm, easy going disposition, who sometimes laughs for (seemingly) no reason at all, who works so hard in his therapies to accomplish things that come easy to others, who has surpassed our expectations in so many ways…  It’s sad to think that no one really seemed to notice him for his first 15 months of life.


So, I’ll send the photos.  And maybe a few nannies will take a look at them and realize what a great little guy they had for 15 months, even though they didn’t see it then.

And maybe they’ll look around the room where all the other children still lay and think about the potential that each one of them has and do a little something extra to care and appreciate the lives entrusted to them.


3 thoughts on “Sending Photos Back

  1. KJL

    The best thing is that Jesus knew. And if I were to imagine His reaction when you took Paul out of the doors of that place, I’d bet it’d be something like cartwheels-of-the-Sacred-Heart.

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