Praise, Hope, Joy

First a praise:  Since one of my recent posts, two children that I featured have found families- Corwyn and Tavin!  While I may joke that my measly little blog had something to do with it, I am certain it did not.  This was God’s thing. :)

Second, a prayer intention.  You all may remember that I have prayed and advocated for a boy named Simeon for a long time.  Since before we decided to adopt, even.


Well, he had a fantastic family coming for him, but then adoption red tape got in the way.  (And it really is just red tape.  It was very frustrating to watch unfold.  So much so that this happened several weeks ago and I have just mustered the strength to speak of it-such was the disappointment.)  So, dear Simeon waits again.  Pray for him, friends.  If it were not for faith in God, I would have no hope for Simeon.  There is no earthly reason to have hope for him.  But because of God, because of the Cross and the Resurrection, we can, in fact, we must.

Third, another video…  Not every night, but most nights the boys end the day by throwing balls around the house.  I am not sure why or how this particular ritual has come about, but it ends in a symphony of giggles.  No, it’s not a great way to wind down before bedtime, but it sure is joyful.  So, you can listen in to 1.5 minutes of what went on for 10x as long.  The video itself isn’t so great, though I do love near the middle when Paul is giggling and looks over to me as if to say, “Yeah, isn’t this so funny!”


2 thoughts on “Praise, Hope, Joy

  1. Marie

    Great video!! I love Paul’s giggles and Ben is so just so darn cute. What a blessing the two of them are for each other! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Laura M

    I remember how he never seemed to smile before you found him. You’ve done a great job, he’s so happy!

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