October 16, 2012

These photos were taken a year ago today.

They are photos of a boy who didn’t never got enough to eat (and still carries the baggage of that).  Who always sucked on his sleeve to comfort himself.



Of a boy who, in the 2 weeks we had visited with him, had not smiled once.  Who looked scared one half of the time…







And like he’d given up the other half.



A friend of mine reminded me of what she thought when she first saw his photos.  She said, “He looks like he’s completely given up on life.”

I think maybe he had.

I tear up looking at these photos.  Partly because of Paul.  Because I still see the effects of his first 15 months of life in an orphanage and it just makes me sad.

But more because I remember the children we left there.  And I think of them a lot.  And I think of the children all over the world in similar situations.  I think of Russia a lot, because a lot of those children really don’t have hope of ever having a family.

Like this little boy, who my friend was in process of adopting, but who remains in his orphanage because Americans can no longer adopt Russian children.


July 2012

July 2012

10 months later…

May 2013

May 2013

I don’t really have the words today.  Maybe pictures will be enough.



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