I’d love a daughter someday (and I have a stash of cute baby girl clothes to prove it).  But the boys.  

Oh my.  

Sons are so special.  

A curious mix of rambunctiousness and indescribable sweetness all in one.


Don’t let the pink on that brush fool you. All. Boy.


Again, don’t be fooled. He needs to rest like this for a reason.


Don’t mind us. Just banging out feet against the sliding door together.

I can’t help but think about the future; the future when I’ll look over at them and see grown men, who will most likely be taller than me, and will most certainly be stronger than me.


Tall. Manly. Epic. With a play on light and shadows.

And I know in the future, when I see them all grown up, I’ll fondly remember these precious and few days when they happily hold my hand as we walk, or come to me for a hug when hurt (or happy, or just when I ask him to).  When he greets me with a big smile or gleeful squeal each morning getting out of bed.




Yeah, ok, sometimes it’s more like this.


Back to the bliss.


Ok, one more.

These days are cherished and I can’t soak it in enough.  So sometimes I hug them a little longer, or sing them an extra verse of a song before bed (even though bed time felt like it couldn’t get here soon enough.)  I can’t stand the thought of taking these days for granted, because they are numbered.


And then I remember another number: TWELVE.

There are 12 boys two years old and younger from Paul’s country with Down Syndrome that are currently listed on Reece’s Rainbow.

Many of them not even 1 year old.  All waiting.

Time is ticking.  The moments I’m cherishing right now with my two toddling boys…they’re slipping away for the adoptive parents God has in mind for these 12.

Older kids need to be brought out of orphanages and into families too.  If only they could all have been adopted young!

Well, for these 12, here’s their chance.  And it’s your chance too.  Don’t miss out.  These days don’t last forever.

(click on the photos to see full profiles at Reece’s Rainbow)

edgar 2:11

Edgar, born Feb 2011

hamilton 6:13

Hamilton, born June 2013


Joshua, born May 2012

lane 12:12

Lane, Born Dec 2012

mikey 7:13

Mikey, born July 2013

noble 3:13

Noble, born March 2013

octavian 1:13

Octavian, born Jan 2013

olen 5:13

Olen, born May 2013

orren 2:12

Orren, born Feb 2012

otto 3:13

Otto, born March 2013


Rhys, born May 2012


Crosby, born Oct 2012


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