Pray for Ukraine, Pray for the United States

There is much unrest and violence in Ukraine right now, as over a million countrymen descend on the capital.

The big issue here is President Yanukovych’s decision to back away from plans that would have established free trade and furthered political cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.  This agreement is seen as a potential precursor to EU membership.   In backing away from the deal, which happened on November 21, 2013, it seems that Yanukovych determines that Ukrainian civilization is moving farther away from Europe and toward Russia. 

As protestors fight with rocks, the government is passing legislation to weaken their opposition, such as outlawing wearing helmets during demonstrations.


No helmets allowed, so protestors wear colanders on their heads.

Over the past day or so, the clashes between protestors and police have escalated.


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This footage has nearly brought me to tears:

This is a photo of the US Embassy.  Earlier, members of the protest were there with signs, asking the United States to intervene and impose sanctions on the government of Ukraine.  Supposedly, the men standing there now were hired by the government to keep protestors away, to prevent them from reaching out the United States for help.


The US has not imposed any sanctions at this time.

It seems to me that the United States is viewed as an entity that stands and fights for the rights of all mankind.  A beacon that shines for democracy, for freedom, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But today, January 22, of all days, I feel that Ukrainians reach out to the United States in vain.  For how can a country, who on this very day 41 years ago, declared that a woman can kill her unborn child, ever stand for true freedom?  For life and liberty?

What a sad day today, for the United States, and for Ukraine.  We must take to our knees for both countries, for peace in our streets and in our wombs.


2 thoughts on “Pray for Ukraine, Pray for the United States

  1. Brandy Calvert

    Oh, wow! I’ll be praying for Ukraine! When my husband was over in Bulgaria last summer, there were protests, but they were peaceful–not like this! May our Almighty God and Father of us all bring peace!

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