Twelve to Seven

Where there were twelve, there are now seven.

Progress friends!  I am so pleased to see that some of our little guys, all from Paul’s country and all with Down Syndrome are being chosen by families for adoption!

But there are more.  These little loves still wait.  Print out their pictures, put them on your refrigerator and pray for them each day, that they may be blessed with a family, and that a family may be blessed with them.


Rhys, born May 2012   

otto 3:13

Otto, born March 2013

olen 5:13

Olen, born May 2013

octavian 1:13

Octavian, born Jan 2013

mikey 7:13

Mikey, born July 2013


Thatcher, born April 2012


Dane, born Nov 2012



3 thoughts on “Twelve to Seven

  1. Sarah

    I’ve also been praying for the little boys from Paul’s country for about a year now. Right now I am praying for Thatcher to be adopted. I am so glad to see your posts on this subject. I’m sad that the boys always wait so much longer than the girls.

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