An extra dose of adorable

Hold onto your hats, people, because we have a few heart skipping additions to this blog’s favorite category of waiting children, boys with Down Syndrome, 0-2yrs old, from Ukraine.

First, a boy who, if he were in my family would basically make it so I had triplets.  He’s born in the same month and year as Paul, which happens to be one month older than Ben.  Meet Jaxon, born July 2011:


Yes, a cute little baby picture.  There will hopefully be a more recent photo soon, which I will certainly share with you.

I just can’t help but think of Paul when I look at Jaxon.  Born the same exact month.  Who knows, it could even be the same day.  I still see the scars of Paul’s time in the orphanage, even though he was only there for 15 months, and he’s been home for 15 months.  To think where Paul would be had he not come home…the food issues, the stimming, the lack of development, the sadness and loneliness.  It makes me so sad to think that Jaxon has been hidden behind the walls of an orphanage.  But there is hope, always in our Lord, and now even more tangibly since we know he exists and we can share him with others.  I hope a family will be blessed by him soon, just like we are blessed by Paul.

And now something that will surely make you scramble asking your spouse if you can jump on a plane and scoop up some kids.

At 2 months old…

Born with Down Syndrome…


Meet Simon and Samuel:



Ok, know that wasn’t enough for you people, so let’s go side by side…



They are so. young.  It is remarkable that they are listed already.  A family could be in country adopting them by the time they are 8 months old, perhaps even sooner.  That is a tremendous gift for these boys.  They can receive good nutrition, stimulation and therapies.  They can easily develop healthy attachment.  They can love, and be loved.

So someone, go get Jaxon or (and?!) the twins!


One thought on “An extra dose of adorable

  1. alison

    Too funny…I really wanted to name our Samuel, Simon…. Two for one ;)
    But really, I would love for you to do a post about how to get husbands on board with being open to the call of adopting. Mine is, he’s just, a slow mover, probably to compensate for my quickness. As I understand it, this was instigated by your desire right? This and I’m pretty sure he’s convinced that I’m just trying to play “catch up” with kids. I think these are the types of things that will just take time to prove. We have been to a foster care orientation and are leaning more that way, but still. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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