Hear the plea of the orphan

I posted about Jaxon a little while back.  A boy from Paul’s country, with Paul’s diagnosis, who shares Paul’s birth month and year.  A veritable twin.

I found out yesterday that Jaxon is in Crimea, which you have hopefully heard about in the news.  Russia has done a horrendous land grab and took Crimea from Ukraine.  One of the many results of this is that orphans in Crimea are no longer able to be adopted by Americans (who are the ones who do the most international adoptions, and certainly the most adoptions of children with special needs, like Jaxon.)

So now all we can do is wait and pray.  We do not know what Jaxon’s future looks like, but the horizon became more bleak these past few days.

I also want to show you a little boy who has been on my mind and heart.  He needs a family so very desperately.

Meet Nathaniel.  This photo was taken of him only 2 days ago.


He’s so beautiful.  I look at his face and he can take my breath away.

I know his head is large.  It is scary.  But he is actually doing astonishingly well!  Look at how open his eyes are?  Families who have met him relatively recently, even when his head looked to be about this same size, said that he was alert, and smiley, and giggling.  He would interact with them from afar.

This is miraculous.

But it won’t last forever.

He can’t continue to endure like this.

He will, at some point, probably in the near future, succumb to the effects of his hydrocephalous and his bright eyes will not shine as they do now.  And he won’t interact, or be able to smile and giggle through the pain that he constantly endures.

What will we do for him?

Do something!  Act!

You believe you can’t adopt?  Ok.  Maybe we can talk about that some other day.  In the meantime…

What CAN you do?  Can you get on your knees and pray?  Can you donate $5?  Can you share Nathaniel by e-mailing people about him, or on Facebook?  By the way, Facebook is the reason Paul is in our family, so don’t think a “share” is a trivial thing.

Recently Pope Francis was asked how we are to know if we are on the right path.  He answered:


nat       Image


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