Another edition of…


Rolls right off the tongue.

You might remember, a long time ago when we last did this, that there were SEVEN little guys who fit this category.  Guess how many there are now?


So that’s kind of refreshing.

Though, there are 2 familiar faces:

otto 3:13

Otto, born March 2013

And here are two updated photos of Otto!

otto1 otto2


Friends, he is only 15 months old–just a baby.  That was the same age Paul was when he came home, and even so young, he really needed to come home!

Then there’s Olen…

olen 5:13

Olen, born May 2013

I’ll be honest about Olen.  It says nothing about a possible heart condition.  It doesn’t say he has one, but it also doesn’t say he doesn’t have one.  I’m a bit concerned about him.  He looks too pale and too thin.  I think he’s struggling.  I could be wrong; I hope I am.

And the new guy on the block:


Rogan, born May 2013

Rogan has a couple other diagnoses besides Down Syndrome, most visibly a cleft lip, and a cleft palate.  He also is said to have rickets, an additional chord on the left ventricle of the heart, and carries hep C antibodies.  None of these raise huge red flags for adoption, in my opinion.  Though the cleft palate raises a big flag that says something like, “Adopt me soon because I’m choking and aspirating when they feed me, so I’m probably malnourished and suffering from chronic pneumonia.”  To me, that flag is more worthy of consideration.



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