Because he cannot ask for himself.

Meet Brett, a handsome little guy in Eastern Europe who has cerebral palsy.

Photo from March 2014!

Photo from March 2014!

Brett has been living life in an institution for nearly 7 years.   Such a life is marked by a pervasive poverty.

Each day comes and goes without proper attention and stimulation, sound education, loving discipline, medical care, the love and affection of a family, the knowledge of God, His Truth and His Goodness.

Probably the only time he ever got to play in that ball pit was for this photo.  No exaggeration.

Probably the only time he ever got to play in that ball pit was for this photo. No exaggeration.

Children do not fare well in orphanages- not physically, and certainly not emotionally.  It is not where they thrive.  For many, they don’t even survive!  So, when a child could potentially be adopted, it is a life changing, life saving opportunity.

Brett’s opportunity is here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.20.52 PM

A family already traveling to his country in a mere 2 weeks to adopt another child, would like to also adopt Brett.  But they don’t have the funds.  Adoption, particularly international adoption, is expensive.  Some people don’t like the idea of donating so a family can adopt.  I used to feel that way.  But let me tell you: many people can afford the day to day care of a child, even a child with special needs like Brett, who has cerebral palsy.  That is not the obstacle.  The obstacle is the expenses for the adoption.  Expenses that most families cannot afford on their own.  Flights cost money.  Facilitators cost money.  Translators, medical visits, country passports and VISA’s, transportation, food, paperwork.  And none of it is for the benefit of the family; it’s for the future of a child.

Brett has a grant through Reece’s Rainbow, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  If that grant increases by $3,500, his adoption expenses will be covered entirely.

But not only does it need to jump up by $3,500, it needs to do it in 6 days.  Sounds impossible, but God and His people are generous, so I believe it can be done!

To help this effort, many generous people have come together to offer a matching grant of $1000 for Brett’s grant fund!

How does a matching grant work?  Every dollar donated to Brett will be doubled, up until $1000 has been donated.  So, $5 will become $10, $50 will become $100, etc.  It’s like magic.

Please help us take advantage of this entire matching grant.  If we take full advantage, Brett’s grant will increase by $2000 by the end of it, making him so much closer being able to be adopted!

Such a hopeful expression! 

Please help- pray, share, give!  We are asking because Brett cannot ask for himself.   Could we make a sacrifice in our comfortable lives so a child has a future?  Forego the Starbucks and give $5.  Pass on the summer pedicure and give $30.  Personally, I’m going to cut my own hair, and donate the $45 I had planned to spend at the salon.

Please, go and donate now.  Time is of the essence!  Once Brett’s grant reaches $11,713.75, it means the entire matching grant has been met!

Brett would thank you, if he could.  And he’d probably flash you this adorable smile, too.





2 thoughts on “Because he cannot ask for himself.

  1. Tara

    What a cutie! He looks so happy, I can only imagine how much more he would thrive in a loving family! I donated, thanks for bringing Brett to our attention. I have a hard time deciding where to give money these days, there are so many great needs even in the adoption community alone. But I just go with my gut… so Brett is my guy today. :) Praying for him to have a family soon.

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