What does the future hold?

The past few days I’ve been thinking about education, and skills, and jobs, and the future.

Not mine, but his:


A lot of parents who have children with special needs seem to worry about these things.

I guess I’m just not worried.

Maybe it’s my naivete.  I like to think it comes from the experience of seeing how some people are so impoverished.



What is the future for someone who is forgotten?

A loving family and a true and beautiful Faith…our futures are held within these.  We have no reason to fear, or worry, or have anxiety.  Because even if Paul never speaks, or writes, never learns basic independent living skills, stays under our roof always…he’s loved.  And he wasn’t always (save our Heavenly Father and Mother).  For a time, he lived the greater poverty.  But that’s over now, so there is nothing left but hope and joy and life.  If your child never lived that poverty, all the more praise to God, because it was and is as it should be.  He or she is better off than so many who still endure the pangs of hunger to be cared for, wanted, loved.

So what does the future hold?  I think it holds transcendent joy.


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