Join the fun, and the fight, for Delmar!

This year I signed up for Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree Program to help raise $1,000 for an orphan’s adoption grant.  The hope is that this $1,000 will help defray the cost of the child’s adoption, which can often be an obstacle for families who would otherwise welcome him into their family.

So I’d like to introduce you to the little man I’m helping.  Meet Delmar!


He is 10 years old, but only the size of a toddler.  He is shy and sweet, and has learned how to cope with his life and its lack of stimulation by rocking and looking at his hands.


This is from someone who met him:

He rocks and looks at his hands a lot. No aggression at all. Is a bit shy with new people but responds well to his favorite carers. He is only the size of a skinny toddler, 20 pounds ish. His institution could be worse I guess… 20 kids for 2 carers. He’s an easy one to look after and the carers like him so he gets more attention than some of the others. He’s non verbal but has powerful lungs for yelling when food is involved – he loves food so I don’t know why he’s so teeny. He’s on pureed / liquidy food that he is fed via a spoon. He’d be fine with little kids!

So, what can you do to help?  Well, the Angel Tree campaign has not yet begun, so Reece’s Rainbow is not tracking the donations that Delmar gets in his grant fund toward the $1,000 goal that we have.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t fundraise!  I put together a shirt design and am asking you to help us reach our first goal: selling 50 shirts!  All proceeds will be submitted straight to Delmar’s grant fund once the campaign officially begins on Nov 1.  You can purchase a shirt, share on Facebook, e-mail all of your generous friends a link– it’s up to you!


But please do something, for Delmar’s sake!


We only have until November 1 to reach our goal of 50 shirts sold.  

It will be a challenge, but it will be worth it!

Please share our shirt campaign: A Family for Delmar


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