Nov 1- Dec 31

I’ve kind of gotten myself into something here.

It might have been a little impulsive.

About a month ago I signed up to raise $1,000 for a child on Reece’s Rainbow.  My personal circumstances have changed quite a bit since I signed up (which you’ll hear about in probably a month or so) but I’m committed and I want to help this little big guy get home to a family, so here we go!

Today is the official start to the Angel Tree program. You’ll notice a new badge right here —>
It’s where anyone who feels compelled can donate to Delmar.  And if you can’t donate, please pray for him, because the kid could use prayers.

I hope that I can come up with some fun ways to get people to give (gift card giveaway, auction, selling things, affiliate/direct marketing partnerships, who knows!)  To be honest, I will be very busy for the first half of this campaign (goes from now all the way until Dec 31) so sweet Delmar may not have much of my attention.  But hopefully in December I will be more able to get creative.  Oh my gosh, there’s a taco place in town called “Taco DelMar” and my first though after “get creative” was somehow utilizing the taco place that shares the name with my little guy to raise money…I might be insane.

Moving on.

I’m just going to go ahead and give you a little eye candy…


Boy has personality, I tell ya.

And seriously, if anyone wants to team up with me to raise money for this guy, that would be amazing!  Even if you don’t want to be heading it up with me, if you could be part of a “share team” or something– so what whatever I come up with reaches new people who might be interested in helping, because you put it out on facebook, blogged about it, or e-mailed your friends.  It would be so helpful.  Oh, and ideas welcome, too!


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