Customized Christmas Cards!

So, remember when I said that Delmar, for whom I am raising $1000 between now and the end of December, probably wouldn’t get much attention for the next month or so?

Well, I couldn’t let that be the case.  I’m slightly crazy, because I have a really busy month of November, but I decided to launch a project for Delmar and the idea I had -not the weird one involving the fish taco place- has to do with Christmas, so, well, time is of the essence.  Anyways, onto the idea…

Customized Christmas Cards!  I have almost 10 templates for Christmas Cards in the tab at the top of the blog that reads “Designs for Delmar”  I can adjust colors, fonts, some text, and, of course, photos, to your preferences.  You can buy just the digital file to e-mail or print on your own, or you can order prints through me.  I think the prices are reasonable, considering typical prices for this type of thing and the fact that this is a fundraiser for a very worthy cause.

Friends, believe it or not, NOW is the time to start thinking about this.  I am not one of those people who starts decorating for Christmas after Halloween.  I wait until December.  But cards take time to design and print (could be up to 2 weeks), and then you have to address and mail them out, so don’t delay!

If your family sends out cards, please consider shopping here on the blog (or here if you’re a FB type of person).  Helping Delmar be adopted someday is important to me, plus, this will be fun- I love being creative and making sure people receive a design that they love.

So please go take a look!



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