The one where I tell you all the things (SQT)

It should be really easy to come up with 7 Quick Takes today, since I haven’t blogged in such a long time (Nov 10), so let’s move chronologically and I’ll spill all the beans.  And there are a lot of beans.

1.  We’ll start with a biggie.  On November 15, Ryan and I mailed the last part of our dossier to Ukraine to adopt again!  We decided on October 15, and did the entire process in one month.  Our dossier was submitted to Ukraine on December 4.  We have not had any particular child in mind (unlike last time).  We just felt like we wanted to adopt again while our immigration approvals were still current and we trusted that God would lead us to the child He had in mind.

2.  Speaking of a child God had in mind…  I discovered I was pregnant, also around mid-November!  I wouldn’t expect you all to pick up on this, but this would be my third pregnancy during our third adoption process.  In nearly 10 years of marriage, open to conception the entire time, I have managed to conceive three times, each time while we were adopting.  Adoption people, it’s the new fertility care.

3.  I am officially a “high risk pregnancy.”  Isn’t that a fun label?  And I’m not going to lie, it has felt that way (not fun, high risk.)  Scary complications in the beginning, a couple of ER visits, medicines galore (11 injections a week, and others!), nearly constant nausea and feeling like I got hit by a bus (though that might just be normal pregnancy stuff.)  At 17 weeks I have had 4 ultrasounds and I don’t even know how many doctor visits/exams.  On the plus side, between me and Paul, we will meet our insurance out of pocket max early.  Get ready to pay, health insurance!

4.  Meanwhile… those diligent Ukrainians got busy with our paperwork and invited us to come to see them on January 29.  At the time I was in the throes of some complications.  We have delayed our appointment until sometime on or after March 5, so it will probably be on March 5.  We could use some prayers for guidance because previous miscarriage in Ukraine +  6 weeks of travel in Ukraine by myself during a high risk pregnancy = not my favorite situation.

5.  Backing up for a second.  My family came during a chaotic time in my life but were such an incredible blessing!  I was worried with how crumby I was feeling and all my pregnancy woes that houseguests were not the best idea, but in fact they were the best.  We had a fantastic time with my brother, his wife, and my nieces, as well as my mom.  So much fun playing games, spending time together, going on a sleigh ride, celebrating Christmas morning.  It was just a beautiful holiday!  Ben, nearly 2 months later, is still pretending to go to the airport to go pick up Riley and Livy, then continue on to Nanie’s house to play with trains.  Oh, he loves them all so much!

6.  THEN in January we went to Florida.  To me it was the equivalent of going to Cancun, and I displayed that enthusiasm in my packing.  Turns out the Gulf Coast is really not that warm in January and you can’t exactly go to the beach and swim when it’s 65 degrees out and the water is like 50 degrees, so all the swimsuits and coverups I packed were pretty useless.  But still, it wasn’t a Montana winter- it was sunny, and lovely, and we went fishing on the boat several times.  Just a great reprieve from our normal snowy days.  Though, to be fair, the last week or so here has been between 50 and 60 degrees, sunny, all the snow is melted, and I’ve been having the kids play outside in the backyard, so I really can’t complain!  I guess Montana likes to break the stereotypes.

7.  The boys are thriving in preschool.  Really.  I am so glad that by some miracle they both were enrolled this year.  Paul is seriously so bored at home now because preschool is so fun.  It’s somewhat problematic for me, but I know that ultimately it is good for him, and probably good for me though my nauseated body does not like it at this time.  And Ben is so social and fun, it is really good for him to be with other kids and playing new things, doing artwork, learning songs and skills.  I do spend a lot of time running around, but I like it and it’s a small sacrifice to make for them.  Plus I get a whopping 4 hours of time alone at home each week (well, more like 3.5, but I’ll take it.)

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5 thoughts on “The one where I tell you all the things (SQT)

  1. Mary Ellen

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been think think about you guys, partly wondering how the adoption and pregnancy are going and partly concerned about people in Montana wearing yoga pants :-)

    Glad the boys are doing well, and praying for your two new ones!

  2. Brandy Calvert

    Congratulations-double congratulations! I’m so excited for you two! I’m praying for you and your family, that everything goes smoothly, especially while you’re in Ukraine.

  3. Paxetbonum

    I am a little bit surprised about this post. When we were pursuing adoption our very well known agency had a policy that we could not start the adoption process during a pregnancy. Moreover if the pregnancy happened after starting the adoption process, we would have been put on hold by the social worker (usually until the new born is 1 year old). I guess every state is different.

  4. Meg Post author

    That was the case with our attempt at domestic adoption. We realized we were pregnant with our son, Ben, just 2 weeks before a little girl who we were supposed to adopt was due to be born. However, Ukraine does not set that limitation, and when adopting from Ukraine you work straight with the government, not with an independent agency.

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