1.  Starting on Thursday for a post on Friday.  Is this evidence that I am super woman?  Planning ahead, being thoughtful and prudent?  Or more likely, evidence that I know it’ll never happen if I wait until the day of because, well, life.

2. For your viewing pleasure.  Points if you know what you’re looking at.


3. Hint: the first pic is proof of gender, because hopefully it’s obvious that it’s not a profile.

4. I am in awe.  I simply cannot believe that I get to experience pregnancy again.  We are 24 weeks along now and baby boy is moving around quite a bit each day.  Feelings I honestly never thought I’d get to feel again.  Pregnancy, even with its woes, is nonetheless such a privilege.  Years of infertility have instilled in me an unrelenting wonder and gratefulness for the gift of life.  How is it that God has seen me fit to be blessed in this way, for a third time?  I am humbled.

5.  Maybe He sees the ways I am “not fit” and has given me this baby as, among other things of course, a way to challenge me and help me grow where I lack.  Because fear of loss is still a struggle, and trusting in God’s will is still hard.  And then I read this:


Knock me over with a feather.

5.  So, after prayer and also in an attempt to be realistic, we have decided that it isn’t prudent for me to travel to Ukraine while pregnant for another adoption.  It’s not a matter of the children; I happily drown in children.  It’s the precariousness of this pregnancy, and the relatively grueling process in country, and the quality of medical care, and all the medical care I’ve been requiring.   Well, it’s just plain not smart to send me over there.  Someday, hopefully someday soon, we will again add to our family through adoption.

6.  I did try to break it off with Ukraine at the beginning of March.  Well, they didn’t entirely get the message.  They still say we would just have to come before May 19, so I guess technically, we still could adopt, even though they aren’t expecting us.  So.  Case not closed.

7.  Let’s do an advocacy themed take, shall we?  I am in love with these two boys.


Cristoff.  Look at how beautiful he is.  Truly.  He is alert, and looking around.  But his photo is, at the same time, heartbreaking.  He is so thin, and those gloves on his hands?  They are probably to prevent him from either scratching his own flesh due to understimulation, or to prevent him from biting his hands for the same reason.  He is already 3.  Once he turns 4, he is at risk of being transferred to an adult mental institution where his chances of survival will decrease significantly.  Please pray for him.

And Joseph.  josephJoseph was being raised by his mother, but she passed away.  Can you imagine the confusion he must be experiencing in his mind and his heart?  His mother did something most mothers don’t do in Ukraine.  She kept her child with Down Syndrome in her home, and we can be assured that she was encouraged to put him in the orphanage and never look back.  That is the way of things there.  But she didn’t, and that was a beautiful choice.  But now after her passing, with no one to take care of him, he is institutionalized.  It must be so different than what he was used to, and so hard for him to comprehend.  He has great potential for attachment and functioning in a family because of his beginnings, but I imagine how depressed he must be now.  He is 5 years old.  Please share his sweet little face in hopes that he will one day be in a family again!

Thanks to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ for hosting!


2 thoughts on “7QT

  1. Brandy Calvert

    Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve had some tough decisions to make lately, and you’re doing a good job making them. Happy Easter and God bless you and all of yours!

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