1.  What once was a dungeon like room with a couple different colors of dark blue paint across the walls (don’t ask) is now a pleasantly bright yet neutral green.  Ben’s room is complete!  At least the painting part anyways, and he has moved back in there, so we’re doing well over here.

2.  I out-stubborned Paul yesterday.  After a 48 hour liquid strike, because I refuse to give him a bottle, he drank from an adaptive cup.  He could do this all along, mind you.  He does it for his OT at preschool and his ST, too.  But he wouldn’t for me, little stinker.  But last night, he broke down and gave in.  It was a messy 10 minutes or so, but he drank about 12 oz of milk and juice.  One step closer to saying “bye bye bottle!”

3. Yesterday I was awakened by the sweetest sound- Ben chanting the Our Father over and over again in his room.  Shortly thereafter he was yelling “Mommy and Daddy, I have to go potty!”  But the first part was real sweet.

4. St Francis DeSales really has some gems.  How I wish I could be like this!  I’ll work on it.


5. Paul loves hide and seek!  It is so funny!  He will always hide with Ryan when Ryan and Ben play.  And when he finds Ben, he always yells loudly, followed by a few “bah bah bah” which is his go to babble right now.  He seems to understand the concept of hide and seek better than Ben in some ways, since every time Ben hides, he yells out where he is.

6.  Belly baby is doing well.  He had a quiet day or two, which made me wish he would give me some good kicks like usual, and then he didn’t disappoint.  The following day he kicked me to no end.  He knew what I needed. I think I’m like 27 weeks or so?  I’m losing track.

7. So many beautiful new children listed on Reece’s Rainbow.  Check out the “newly listed” section, pray for them, donate, and heck, adopt one!  Since the RR site is being slow right now, you can also find a lot of them here, on our facilitation team’s site: http://www.handofhelpinadoption.org/search/label/Children


One thought on “7QT

  1. Mary Ellen

    No bottles for Paul, and Ben and is potty trained, way to go!

    Hide and seek sounds like fun! My niece tells people where to hide when she wants to be the seeker, and when it is her turn to hide, she just stands in front of you, covers her eyes and “hides” behind her hands. She is getting very good at counting to 10 before she seeks though.

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