1. Yesterday was a lovely day.  In the morning I went to a bagel shop with 2 other moms whose kids go to school with Paul.  I must admit, it’s nice to spend time with some moms who understand the blessings and the challenges of having a child with special needs.  Hoping to cultivate more of these friendships.

2.  Speaking of special needs- IEP’s!  Last year and this year’s IEP meetings were/are nothing for me to fret about, which is great because I’m not really that knowledgeable.  Next year will be…interesting.  I should start educating myself now.  Please, if you have any good info to share, please do!

3.  My in-laws are back in town!  They were in Florida for the Winter, but got back to Montana earlier this week.  The boys were so excited to see them (I think the feeling was mutual)!  I think we’ll give them a few more days to settle in at home before we drop the kids at their house and then flee to Cancun or something. ;)

4.  I am 29 weeks today.  A few times a week either Ryan or I (or both of us) express disbelief that we are actually going to have a baby soon.

5.  Give me your best boy names!  We generally like names that give a nod to our Catholic faith.

6.  Running low on thoughts.  One pic of Paul:10410954_830536502480_3421045435727625467_n





7. And one of Ben. 


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5 thoughts on “7QT

  1. Mary Ellen

    I like Joseph too! St. Joseph of Palestine’s feast day is in July. Or how about Charlie, after Charles Carroll, only Catholic signer if the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Brandy Calvert

    I don’t have much to offer on IEPs, except that you should keep your expectations high. Paul should be able to learn to read, for example. The only IEP we have at our house is for speech, so I know very little about the parent end of things and far more about the professional end of following the ISP (adult equivalent)! Not giving away any boy names…just in case we decide to try again, though my sons are named Josiah and Gideon. I’m so excited for you! Enjoy these last few months before the wonderful chaos of a newborn! The pictures are great!

  3. Donna

    Love the pictures!

    How about Francis or Frank? Since you have a Paul (reminding me of St. John Paul) and Ben (reminding me of Pope Benedict) I thought of our current Pope.

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