What’s in a Name?

I guess I didn’t realize people thought we had a Papal theme going with our kids’ names.

I mean, sure, Benedict is pretty obvious.  He was born during Pope Benedict’s pontificate and before we were really into the BBC’s Sherlock, so this isn’t some ode to Benedict Cumberbatch.  PS If you haven’t seen that show, you are missing out.  It’s on netflix!

As for Paul, honestly Pope John Paul II didn’t really enter our thoughts.  We just liked the name and his little Ukrainian face just screamed “Paul” to us.  Like a little old man…

And then, of course, our minds went to St. Paul the Evangelist.  I thought it was fun to have a child who was named after the founder of Western Monasticism, juxtaposed with another child named after the apostle who travelled among all the gentiles in the work of evangelization.

But I’m a nerd like that.

This next name is proving to be a challenge.  With each child, I seem to find that the names I liked before, aren’t the names I tend towards now.  The boy we were planning on adopting in Ukraine was going to be Joshua, but now I’m not so into that name.  Conversely, names I liked but was a bit hesitant about, I’m really into now.  Like Ben’s middle name, Xavier, for example.  In 2011, it seemed like it was a bit too much for a first name, but now, if I hadn’t already used it, I would jump on that for this kiddo.

Here’s a running list of names that I would be fine with.  None of them excite me too much, but they don’t disappoint:

James (no “Jim”, just James)
John (this is a bit much with a Benedict and a Paul though…)
Daniel (don’t love “Dan” or “Danny”)
Nathaniel (my brother’s name; does that make it weird?)
Titus (Paul’s companion in the Scriptures; that’s kind of cute, right?  But I think this name could be ripe for teasing…)
Maximillian (will have to figure out how to actually spell this one)
David (don’t love “Dave” though)
Ignatius “Nate”

But so far the top choices after consulting with Ryan are

Alexander “Xander”

The search is still on.  I will probably start looking outside the Catholic name thing and just assume that if we end up with a more modern name it will mean he will just have to be the first saint of his kind.  That’ll probably happen, right??


5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. alison

    I love Xander. Couldn’t get my husband to go for it, and my FIL is Alexander so, that posed some conflict (in getting them to actually call him Xander).

  2. alison

    Clicked too soon…also love Simon, Leo and Theo. Boys names are so fun, it’s the girls names I get tripped up on!

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