7QT- Is this nesting?

Yesterday I had about as productive of a day as I possibly could in my current “7 months pregnant with two almost 4 yr olds” state.  Let’s do some quick takes about it.

1. Kids were not only fed all their meals, they were also on time to both preschools.

2. While they were gone in the morning, I took to stashing some less popular toys in the (locking) cabinet and vacuumed the floors.

3. During naps, I cleaned out some shelves in the kitchen and went through the pantry to make a donation bag for Goodwill and organize all the stuff on the floor.  (Note: our pantry not only houses food, but also cleaning supplies and a bin of seasonal decorations, along with a host of other random things.)

4. I also went through a closet and did the same thing. (No, I’m not stretching these out at all.)

5. AND  I sorted through bags of clothes I plan to get rid of, separating them into a “ThredUp” bag and three “Goodwill” bags.  I haven’t been brave enough to do the whole capsule wardrobe thing, but getting rid of about four bags of clothing is a step in the right direction, I think.

6. In the evening I hung up three photo ledges on a bare bathroom wall and decorated them.  The decorating was so creative that it actually covered up a part of the wall that was not painted.

7.  And at the end of the day, I had 6 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of sparkling cider, and one teeny tiny bottle of single malt scotch sitting on my countertop, waiting to be taken by anyone who wants them.

I will point out just a few more things.

-Strangely, I was not exhausted last night.

-I do think I deserve a medal.

-I don’t think I’ll be quite as ambitious today.  Because this.

Though I do have to bake 2 pies this morning.

Speaking of pie, I have seen both raspberry and blueberry pie recipes calling for cinnamon.  Is that weird?  It seems weird to me.  Please comment about this because I need direction.

Happy Friday.

And you should know that the liquor on the counter still waits, so come get it!

AND there is a post on baby boy’s name- if you are some baby naming wizard (or not!) please read and tell me what to do.

Linky: http://thisaintthelyceum.org/sqt-i-did-more-than-i-thought-this-week/


2 thoughts on “7QT- Is this nesting?

  1. Brandy Calvert

    My blueberry muffin recipe contains cinnamon. It sounds weird, but it works! Glad you’re feeling pretty well and getting stuff done!

  2. Stitchwort

    I’ve never made raspberry pie, but my blueberry pie (old family recipe) contains both cinnamon and nutmeg and it is very, very good!

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