First Week of Preschool- 4yrs old!

A quick update…

To everyone who has contacted me about donating a baby carrier- THANK YOU!  I haven’t counted how many I have, but I think I already have collected my goal of 20, and I have had about 60 people contact me wanting to donate.  If you haven’t seen, we have four collection sites locally, and more people have signed up nationwide to collect.  I’ve updated this page to have all current information.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

We officially have completed our first week of preschool as 4 yr olds!  Aren’t they cute?


Paul is not amused.

Ben had been excited ever since his new back pack came:


All through the Summer I was sort of dreading all the driving I would have to do.  Ben is going to a different preschool in a different town and the timing was such that I would basically have to bilocate at pickup.  I had worked it out so Ben’s teacher would hang with him while I would speed to pick him up about 15 minutes late everyday.  But then the preschool times changed, and it made it so that I would have enough time to pick up Ben and then get home in time to meet Paul… if he took the bus.

The bus.  Oh it is luxurious.  I don’t even have to leave my house and he is dropped off on my doorstep. And I think he likes it too.  He generously gave me this photo on his third day of school:


This kid should be in kindergarten a year from now…can you even believe that?

And while the big boys are gone, I enjoy this guy with some peace and quiet (and errands, and chores):


This is such a great time of year.  The weather is beautiful- a little cool in the morning, but still warm during the day.  The kids have a blast at school, come home, rest, and play.  And while they’re gone I get to exhale.  We get to look forward to pumpkins, and cinnamon, and mums, and sweaters, and Fall colors.

He’s ready a little early, but hey, things fit when they fit:


I hope all of you are enjoying this season as much as I am!



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