Time flies when you’re surviving three kids…

Actually, I tend to think we are thriving over here.  Maybe just surviving Alexander’s first two months.  But now that he is a whopping 4 months old, we are just cruising along.

His cuteness makes him easy to raise.

His cuteness makes him easy to raise.

Ok, so I’m going to fill you in on what you’ve missed.  That’s why you are here, right?  Right.  Ok, here you go, in a somewhat chronological order.

There was a bear that got into the local high school.  Paul’s preschool is at the local high school.  His affinity for all animals led me to believe this was a plausible scenario.


Thankfully my little follower of St. Francis was not at the school while the bear roamed the halls.

We also painted a lot of pumpkins.  Well, not so much a lot of pumpkins, but a lot of paint on a few pumpkins.  Also, a fair amount of paint on one forehead.


We took a lot of photos.  Some better than others.  This was a strangely good one.


They also got ahold of my phone and took some selfies, which I was pleased to discover.


Someone discovered his thumb.


Someone else discovered a new toy and invented a clever way to get out of it.  Is clever the word?


This is a little more the idea…


We helped put on a Glow Run for Ben’s school and this was the only photo I got of the boys.


I took the TV off the wall and put it under the guest room bed.  It was an impulse move, but it’s been awesome.  The iPad has made an appearance a little more often than before, but not having the TV in the living room has been amazing.  The boys are more creative and active, they aren’t always asking me to turn it on;  I had some moments of worry, thinking my life was going to be more difficult, but it actually ended up becoming easier.  But yeah, this still happens…


They went to the best birthday party ever and had so much fun at this gym that was rented out.

IMG_1798 IMG_1805

Paul celebrated 3 years of being home!  The photo on the left was the best photo we had of him from the orphanage.  I seriously thought he looked so good in it.  Well, it’s not much compared to how he is now.


We had our first snow, which was very welcomed by the younger population.


So that’s been life in a nutshell.  I hope to write more about Paul and his 3 year anniversary, his new skills, a new diagnosis, and many other exciting things.  Be back soon!






One thought on “Time flies when you’re surviving three kids…

  1. Mary Ellen

    I’m so happy to get an update. Looks like life is good in Montana. A bear got INTO the high school? That’s amazing. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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