Hope and beauty and all the things




Today I feel like my head is in the clouds.  The clouds are all happy, warm feelings of joy and hope and beauty.  Thoughts of loving others, no matter who they are or how different they are from me.  People connecting because on the inside we all have the same yearning for truth, goodness, beauty, even if don’t all see it that way.

Light shines in darkness. God becomes man.

             Flocks were sleeping; shepherds keeping vigil till the morning new.
             Saw the glory, heard the story, tidings of the Gospel true.
             Thus rejoicing, free from sorrow, praises voicing greet the morrow:
             Christ the babe was born for you!

There is so much need in the world, so much searching by the human heart.  And that is a joy. The privation we sense, the desire, the search, the journey.  It is all a joy, because of what is signifies.

You have made us for yourself O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.

Hold the hand of your brother and sister, give a warm smile, be kind in your gaze.  We’re all on a path.




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