The Getaway- wrap up

We have been home for a little over a week.  It’s always nice to be home, and this morning the boys are playing outside (or napping in the case of the little one).  But we do miss our tropical destination.  We had so many simple adventures.  Driving around taking in the sights, grabbing dinner and heading to a park so the kids could run around.  Going to the beach.  Making friends with the family next door and playing with them in the yard.

So here’s a bunch of photos.  (This is probably more for me than it is for you, but you get it.)


IMG_3265 IMG_3018 IMG_2939 IMG_2952 IMG_3075 IMG_3031 IMG_3025 IMG_3018 IMG_2979 IMG_2961 IMG_3222 IMG_3204 IMG_3162 IMG_3124 IMG_3117 IMG_3078 IMG_3378 IMG_3329 IMG_3314 IMG_3267 IMG_3264 IMG_3254 IMG_3441 IMG_3440 IMG_3439 IMG_3428 IMG_3423 IMG_3387 IMG_3501_2 IMG_3495 IMG_3494_2 IMG_3487_2 IMG_3464 IMG_3449


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