Catching up with bullet points

  • Since coming back from the Getaway 2016, things have been pretty great.  We got the bug to do some cleaning and decluttering which feels really good.  I’ve managed to keep *somewhat* on top of things like laundry and dishes, and vacuuming, etc so generally, it looks pretty good over here.  You know, for having 3 kids.  And a husband.
  • I’m currently getting bids to have everything that needs to be stained, stained.  That would be our fence, decks, front porch and gables.  And for kicks and giggles, I’m asking for separate bids on our trim and, what the heck, the entire exterior.  Because I’ve never loved reddish orange trim, no matter how rustic it’s supposed to be.

    This photo is from 2010. So in 2016 it’s not looking any better.

    Want to see my photoshoppin’?

    Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.38.18 PM

    Just throwing some white up there to get rid of the orange. 

    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 6.59.23 PM

    Ok, maybe white is too crazy. How about brown? And let’s make the house BLUE!

    Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.49.15 PM

    But what if we did white AND blue!

I know, it’s so special.  But hey, I’m self taught and I do this at night while watching Big Bang         Theory Reruns. So…  Anyways, the most likely scenario is the top one, because painting our         whole house is probably going to cost some serious dollar bills.  I’m only considering it
because our siding is getting a little chippy in places and I think when we eventually go to
sell, it will have to happen anyways.   But we may want to just live in the moment for this

  • I stopped drinking soda and started drinking a million gallons of water a day two weeks ago.  I didn’t even think it through.  I just ran out of soda and thought, “How about you don’t buy more?  Ok.”  It’s easier and better than I thought, though I’m a bit of a cheater because I do squeeze a itty bit of flavor in the water.  I figure this is like a step down unit and eventually I’ll get to plain, old, boring water.  I mean, delicious, crisp, refreshing water.  But a bonus: since I have to go to the bathroom so much more, I’m getting more quiet, alone time than I ever have in my life as a mother.
  • It’s that special time of year.  IEP time.  You may not recall the gloriousness of this time last year.  Oh, it was fun!  Is fun the right word?  Well, this year, we have an IEP meeting and a kindergarten transition meeting all in one.  I hope they scheduled this for like 2 hours minimum because, seriously, Paulie is going to kindergarten and I have things I need to say. More on that later.
  • Sadly I have to wrap this up because Xander has physical therapy for torticollis and torticollis related things he’s doing (or not doing?) so we have to be out the door shortly.   So thanks for reading.  Be back soon with IEP seriousness!


    This is the best we could do.


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