Mtg #2 is scheduled…

I ended up sending out an e-mail that summarizes what was said in the meeting (the denial of services due to caseload and how key people were not present for the discussion) and cc’d the dir of special education.  I included him because he really should be made aware of what his staff is saying, especially since it was so egregious.  He responded that he’s happy to come to our next meeting, which wasn’t my aim, but is probably a good idea for both of us.

I’ve decided that I need to put my request in writing, and include bullet points to defend my position.  My understanding is that if I put it in writing, they need to put their official response in writing, which will hopefully make them actually consider my proposal.  Plus, then my case will be laid out and I won’t have to depend on my own memory during the meeting.

I think the most disappointing thing about this is that it calls into question whether or not certain members of the IEP team actually care about Paul’s needs.  When a parent proposes something they believe his/her child needs, and the immediate response is basically, “No, the caseload is full.  Kids only get this” it seems like others are just thinking about the administrative side of things, and not about the needs of the child.  They don’t need to automatically believe me that Paul needs a certain service, but if they cared about Paul and they valued me as a member of the IEP team, the correct response would be, “Why do you believe he needs additional time?”  And then the conversation begins, and the collaboration, and the creative problem solving.  And it would be awesome.  Hopefully we’ll get there sometime.




4 thoughts on “Mtg #2 is scheduled…

  1. Mary Ellen Wolfinger

    It is kind of refreshing to know some parents see through administrator’s crap. Glad you are getting the right people at the next meeting!

  2. Shannon

    I started to respond to youast post AND on Instagram and kept getting interrupted, BUT… You’re an amazing mom and advocate! So intelligent and persistent! And your son WILL get better services because of it. I am an SLP and worked in the schools, and the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease. I used to feel so badly for the children without informed parents to advocate for them. I 100% agree with you about the OT goals not being written well. And you want the right goals written into the IEP because at the end of the day, clinicians only have to answer to an IEP, not informal agreements made between parents and teachers. The IEP really is there for the child, and should be written as such, with goals written in their proximal range of development. Goal writing certainly is an art and I’ve found that some professionals (and maybe myself included sometimes! Ack!) just pull a cookie cutter goal from another IEP or from a goal bank which really doesn’t suit the child. Functional goals are most important and really should be the standard across disciplines. If you do need help with OT goals (you’re probably all set- I’d be happy to put you in touch with my cousin who is an OT and just won teacher of the year at a school on MA. She’s super passionate about her work!). Any chance on also adding an SLP consult into his IEP (so that the SLP is required to meet with a teacher’s assistant/teacher to review treatment goals/interventions)? And yes to more get me in speech! The more the better :). You’re amazing!!! Do update us on how the meeting goes!

  3. Meg Post author

    Thanks Shannon! An SLP consult sounds like a good idea, just to ensure that all their talk about teachers and aids sharing in the communication and speech/language goals gets done, and properly. Might throw one in for OT as well; why not? ha! I think I will also request training for a teacher or aid in the oral motor and sensory stimulations they will do for Paul, so that it can get done every day outside of direct therapy. Heck, I could use that training!

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